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Send your prayer & Puja to us, and our purohits at jaimaakamakhya.com will deliver them to our deity during daily pujas performed regularly at propitious Muhurats. Find the most suitable puja as per your need and get auspicious blessings.

Astrology and Numerology

Welcome to jaimaakamakhya! One-stop solution to all forms of online astrology consultation. Our services include Vedic astrology, Birth Chart, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot Reading, Vastu, Aura Reading, Spiritual Healing, Chinese Astrology, Online Horoscopes, Western Astrology, Zodiac readings (both Sun and Moon signs), Vedic Astrology and a lot more. 

Ask the best astrologers of India and get immediate solutions to your queries. We recognise the sacredness of this 5000-year age-old wisdom that was delivered to us by our gurus for everyone’s welfare. 

Astrology is the oldest science taking into the study of the movements of the heavenly bodies and the links between them. As Astrology is a Vedanga, it has solutions to nearly all our obstacles. Aside from a predictive science, Astrology is also an intuitive art. Astrology is the calculation of your life, obtained from careful calculations by experts to foretell you about the future. Alternatively, Numerology uses the knowledge of numbers and their deeper impacts.

Our Online Astrologer

Do you usually fret about finding a trustable online astrologer? 

Our experts at jaimaakamakhya have skilled practitioners in the areas of Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot Reading, Vedic Astrology, Vastu, etc. Contact our astrologers for an online and live reading. 

Benefits from Astrology in Your Life

  • Predict your future with Vedic Astrology
  • Find out what challenges await you
  • Get Financial Stability
  • Plan your future in advance
  • Find the Perfect Dates, Days and Months

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