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Donate & Help Someone In-Need
for good purpose


Cow feeding

Feeding a cow or cow donation is the remedy to get rid of all bad karmas.

  • Get rid of past and present bad karmas.
  • Goddess Lakshmi and progeny blessing.
  • Remove hurdles in business, profession, and career.
  • Remove obstacles in all day to day activities.Mental and physical stability.
  • Your own contribution to a healthy environment.


Donate For Poor

Donate with Sankalp & Help Need Ones To Save Lives By Providing Hungry Children & Families Meals.Feed the hungry Send them cooked food and ration kits, one family at a time.You will receive Images & videos with your name Sankalp for donation food. You can make your soul proud & Get rid of past and present bad karmas.


Brahman Bhoj

Brahmins since they represent God, to get the blessings of our Pitrus. Brahman Bhoj is the ritualistic feeding of Brahmins in order to get their blessings which can have powerful effect on the lives of devotees. Brahmins are associated with the performance of all the Vedic rituals. It is said that Brahmins have taken birth from the mouth of Lord Brahma.A Brahmin Bhoj is an ancient custom of offering food to Brahmins.


Bhandara of 1000 people

You can donate for A religious feast/Bhandara to serve food atleast 1000 person or you can Just contribute some amount so that it could be used whenever we are serving you will recieve Images & Videos on your mail.
Remove hurdles in business, profession, and career.
Remove obstacles in all day to day activities.


Shiv Temple Construction Donation

A  Shiv Family Temple Named ” Shri Bhavya Mahamritunjay Mandir ”  Near Ayodhya (U.P) is Under construction. Please donate as much as you can so that it could be completed soon as possible.“Wealth is not reduced by doing religion, nor does it decrease the river.See with your own eyes, say so, Kabir.”Meaning: Charity, charity, service does not result in wealth, look, the river always flows, but its water does not happen.See yourself by doing religion.


Feeding Animals

Sankalp Feeding Animals & Birds and can change your life!

But this is a religious and astrological belief and is backed by many ancient Vedic scriptures, especially, in Hinduism. Providing food to Birds and Animals can not only improve your planetary position is also considered prudent to get rid of past life debt’s, problems related to finances and children.


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