Cancellation Refund

Eligibility Criteria for Returns & Replacement:

To qualify for our Returns & Replacement Policy, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Original, Unused Condition: The item(s) must be in their original and unused condition.
  2. Inspection and Verification: Replacement for items is contingent upon inspection and checking by
  3. Exclusion of Damages: Damages resulting from neglect or improper usage will not be covered under our Returns & Replacement Policy.
  4. Documentation Requirements: Products should be accompanied by the Original Product Certificate, the Original/Copy of Invoice, packaging, documentation, lab certificates, and any associated discount coupons.
  5. No Modifications Allowed: Returns will not be accepted if there are any modifications made to the original product(s).
  6. Non-refundable Charges: Please note that shipping charges, VAT, lab certification charges, and custom duties are not refundable.

Return Policy for Customized Products:

For items specifically customized for you, a monetary refund is not applicable. However, you have the option to request store credit equivalent to 70% of the invoice value (excluding shipping charges) within 10 days of receiving the product(s).


  1. Non-refundable Charges:
    • Shipping charges, VAT, and duties are not eligible for a refund.
    • The cost of return shipment is the responsibility of the customer.
  2. Payment Gateway Charges:
    • Payment gateway charges, if applicable, will not be reimbursed. These charges are invoiced directly by the payment gateway and are non-refundable.
  3. Lab Certificate Fees:
    • Any fees associated with a paid lab certificate ordered along with the product(s) will not be refunded in the return payment.
  4. Return Processing Time:
    • Returns are anticipated to take 7-10 business days to process, starting from the date of receiving the product(s) at our address.
    • Please be aware that credit card companies/banks may take an additional week to reflect the refund in your account.
  5. Any Online Rituals are non refundable we are just committed for doing 100% Guaranteed Puja.

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