Puja Anushthan In Ayodhya Teerth

We at regularly Performing Puja & Anushthan In LORD Shri RAM JANMBHOOMI AYODHYA Teerth ON the bank of River SARYU..

We do the recitation of the unbroken Shri Ram Charitmanas (Ramayana) by sitting on a boat in Ayodhya in the middle of the Saryu river. It is said that which rituals and lessons have great importance and are free from all sins and make Ayushman, good luck, success. The puja ritual is followed by Havan followed by food for the poor helpless and sadhu sages and culminates with the offering of Bhandar and Dan Dakshina. If you also want to make your life successful by getting the recitation of Shri Ramayana done at a holy place like Ayodhya Dham, then please BOOK by clicking on the link given below and watch the whole program live from anywhere your are in the world and get videos and photos too..
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