Learn How to Send Online Prayer Requests: Hindu Ritual Guide

The power of prayer is not measurable but you will start feeling that ultimate peace you were in search of for a long. We are humans and human life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, we feel too lost and cannot reconnect with life. Prayer is not an individual thing. One can pray for others’ good. For example, if a person is suffering from illness and recovery is delayed for many reasons, the priest can invite members to pray together for a swift recovery. In order to make this thing happen, it’s important to send out prayer requests. Sending Free Online Prayer Requests is easy but you have to follow the right approach.

What is this prayer request?

A prayer request is basically a call to action that a priest enables for all associated members and lets them pray for a collective cause. If a state is facing a flood or devastating storm, via a prayer request a lot of people can pray together for a single reason.

In the same way, if someone is facing illness or downtime in life, his/her family and friends can pray together and let him/her get quick relief from the blockage. It seems that submitting free prayers is kind of a Christian ritual. But Hindus can enable the same if they follow a simple step. It is nothing but conducting a puja or prayer at home or wherever you want it.

How to send a free prayer request?

It may seem a bit critical to you. Many people will suggest you follow a 3-step process- a. Writing a catchy opening line, b. Detailing the problem, and c. thanking people for the help. If you try to complete the application process in an offline way, it will take a lot of time for approval from the priest or the authority.

But with Jai Maa Kamakhya, sending a free prayer request is truly easy. You will get a secure online form. There you need to enter your name, father and mother’s name, date of birth, birth time and place, gotra, mobile number, full address, and prayer of problems. Once the authority receives your request, they will analyze everything, suggest the best puja and prayer processes, and do their best to establish peace in your life while making you strong enough to overcome all problems. So, why are you waiting? Send free online prayer requests today and get rid of problems instantly!

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