Cow Feeding


Cow Feeding

Many saints and gurus have suggested the Feeding of Cows as a remedy for problems in life.
If the transit of navagrahas (the nine planets) is not favorable, feeding cows will relieve you from your trouble. The below table has a list of specific food items that have to be fed to the Cow to escape the ill effects of the nine planets. Feeding these to the cows will protect you from the malefic effects of the Navagrahas.

Cow Feeding Donation: A Benevolent Act with Astrological Significance

Understanding Cow Feeding Donation:

Cow Feeding Donation, a philanthropic practice rooted in compassion, holds astrological significance in Vedic traditions. This act involves providing nourishment to cows, revered animals in Hinduism, to garner positive cosmic energies. Beyond its altruistic intent, Cow Feeding Donation is believed to align with astrological principles, offering potential benefits to individuals based on Vedic astrology.

Astrological Significance and Benefits:

  1. Alignment with Planetary Influences: In Vedic astrology, cows are associated with the planet Venus (Shukra). Venus symbolizes love, fertility, and abundance. By feeding cows, individuals aim to align themselves with the positive energies of Venus, fostering harmony and prosperity in their lives.
  2. Strengthening Positive Yogas: Certain planetary combinations (yogas) in a person’s birth chart may indicate potential challenges or opportunities. Cow Feeding Donation is considered an auspicious remedy to strengthen positive yogas and mitigate the impact of unfavorable ones, promoting overall well-being.
  3. Enhancing Positive Karma: Vedic astrology emphasizes the concept of karma, suggesting that actions influence one’s destiny. Cow Feeding Donation is viewed as a virtuous act, accumulating positive karma that may manifest as favorable circumstances, improved relationships, and enhanced spiritual growth.
  4. Balancing Planetary Doshas: Individuals consulting Vedic astrologers may be advised to engage in acts of charity or service to balance planetary doshas (afflictions). Cow Feeding Donation is seen as a remedy to appease malefic planetary influences, promoting a harmonious and balanced life.
  5. Cultivating Dhana Yoga: Dhana Yoga signifies combinations in the birth chart associated with wealth and prosperity. Cow Feeding Donation is believed to activate positive dhana yoga, attracting financial abundance and material well-being to the donor.
  6. Seeking Divine Favor: Astrologically, cows are considered sacred and divine beings. By feeding them, individuals seek the favor of celestial forces and deities associated with abundance and protection, enhancing their cosmic support.

Performing Cow Feeding Donation Astrologically:

  1. Selecting Auspicious Timing: Astrologically favorable times, known as muhurats, are chosen for Cow Feeding Donation. This aligns the act with positive celestial influences and maximizes its potential benefits.
  2. Offering Specific Foods: The types of foods offered to cows during the donation may be selected based on astrological considerations. Certain grains, fruits, and herbs are associated with specific planets, enhancing the astrological resonance of the act.
  3. Reciting Mantras: Incorporating Vedic mantras dedicated to Venus or other relevant deities during the donation ritual amplifies the astrological potency of the practice.

While Cow Feeding Donation is deeply rooted in compassion and cultural reverence, the astrological perspective adds another layer of intentionality. It is essential to approach such practices with sincerity, faith, and a genuine desire to harmonize with cosmic energies for the betterment of one’s life journey.



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