bhuneshwari devi sadhna

Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana

All the subjects in 84 lakh yonis are maintained by Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. By worshiping the Goddess, one gets power, strength, power, wealth, splendor and all kinds of excellent knowledge, devotion, knowledge and dispassion. On performing the mantra Siddhi, success and Ishta are attained and the seeker becomes eligible for the blessings of the Goddess. Siddha men get a glimpse of the goddess,But if the seekers get darshan of the Goddess inside, in meditation or even in dreams, then their life becomes successful. If a tyrant is being tortured, then one should pray to the Goddess. The Merciful Goddess hears the call of her worshipper very quickly. By the grace of Mother Bhuvneshwari, the seeker gets all the glories of Artha, Dharma, Kama, Moksha, Riddhi Siddhi, happiness and wealth etc. Free Online Prayer Requests

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