Pashupatastra Stotra

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Pashupatastra Stotra

Embrace the Pashupatastra Stotra, and let the thunderbolt of Shiva’s grace strike down the obstacles that stand between you and your highest potential.

Pashupatastra Stotra

The Pashupatastra Stotra is a powerful Hindu mantra and prayer dedicated to Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evil and the protector of the universe. It is said to have been created by the sage Vasishtha and is considered one of the most effective and sacred mantras in Hinduism.

The Pashupatastra Stotra is a call to Lord Shiva to destroy the forces of darkness and ignorance, and to bestow wisdom, strength, and protection upon the devotee. It is often recited during times of crisis or danger, and is believed to offer the following benefits:

– Protection from harm and evil
– Victory over enemies and challenges
– Destruction of negative energies and obstacles
– Granting of wisdom, strength, and courage
– Spiritual growth and self-realization

As you recite the Pashupatastra Stotra, imagine the cosmic weapon of Shiva piercing through the veil of illusion, dispelling fear, doubt, and adversity. Envision the radiant light of knowledge and wisdom illuminating your path, guiding you toward spiritual growth and self-realization.

This powerful stotra is a call to arms, a clarion cry to vanquish the enemies of the mind and soul. It is a declaration of your unwavering resolve to embrace the transformative power of Shiva, to emerge victorious in the battle of life, and to reign supreme over the realm of your own consciousness.


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  1. Sampreeti

    Well performed puja feeling blessed

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