Make Your Ancestors Happy This Pitru Paksh 2021

Pitru Paksha has special significance in Hinduism. In Pitru Paksha, ancestors are remembered. The ancestors who did not live in this world. According to Hindu scriptures, serving the parents is the biggest worship. After the death of the parents, people perform Shradh to give complete salvation to their soul.

According to Hindu Sanatan Dharma, during Pitru Paksha, Yamraj sends ancestors to earth to meet their family members. During this, if the ancestors are not worshiped and worshiped, then their soul is very sad and they also get angry. On the other hand, if a person has Pitra Dosh in his horoscope, then he also gets away from worshiping ancestors during Shradh Paksha and the person moves towards the path of progress and progress.
Dates of Pitru Paksha 2021
 20th September 2021 (Monday) – Purnima Shradh
 21st September 2021 (Tuesday) – Pratipada Shradh
 22nd September 2021 (Wednesday) – Dwitiya Shradh or Dooj Shradh
 23rd September 2021 (Thursday) – Tritiya Shradh
 24th September 2021 (Friday) – Chaturthi Shradh and Maha Bharani Shradh
 25th September 2021 (Saturday) – Panchami Shradh
 27th September 2021 (Sunday) – Shashti Shradh
 28th September 2021 (Tuesday) – Saptami Shradh
 29th September 2021 (Wednesday) – Ashtami Shradh
 30th September 2021 (Thursday) – Navami Shradh
 1st October 2021 (Friday) – Dashmi Shradh
 2nd October 2021 (Saturday) – Ekadashi Shradh
 3rd October 2021 (Sunday) – Dwadashi Shradh or Magha Shradh
 4th October 2021 (Monday) – Trayodashi Shradh
 5th October 2021 (Tuesday) – Chaturdashi Shradh
 6th October 2021 (Wednesday) – Sarva Pitru Amavasya or Amavasya Shradh

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