Pitru Shanti Puja


Get Online Live Pitra Shanti Puja done with 100% Effective in this Pitra Paksh or on any AMAVASYA IN AYODHYA on Bank of River Saryu

Our close relatives who get premature death or who do not attain salvation or rebirth due to any reason, they become Pitra. They have a bond of attachment to us, so they remain emotionally attached to us even after death. It is very powerful. If they are happy on us, they give us wealth, we keep them happy, but if we do not remember them, don’t donate food etc. for them, then they get angry and cause a lot of trouble.Due to this, there are obstacles in auspicious work in the house. Marriages do not happen on time. Discord persists. There is no prosperity in money. In such a situation, measures should be taken to prevent Pitra Dosh.


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